ATTENTION: Cannabis Is NOW Legal in Canada…
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Legalization and CBD in Canada
Dave Weale
The Founder of Grounded CBD
After appearing on CBC’s Dragons Den, I discovered that most people are unaware of the benefits of CBD. Even the Dragon’s didn’t fully understand the difference between cannabis, THC and CBD. 

This was concerning because CBD helped turn my life around after a near-fatal biking accident. I am now on a mission to help others understand how natural aids such as CBD, cannabis and meditation can be used to live a more “grounded” lifestyle. My community, #getgrounded is a collection of like-minded individuals who want more out of life. 
Why CBD?
Most ambitious people can agree that modern-day life is becoming more hectic every day. Between email notifications and commuting to the office, I felt like I was struggling to keep up, even before my accident. CBD drastically reduced my anxiety and my pain. It allowed me to find an inner state of calm unlike anything I had ever experienced before. This is when I broke through and radically changed my life. 

As I began to focus more on my health, I wanted to create a product that fueled my body and incorporated the benefits of CBD. This led to the creation of the Ground CBD bars. 

All the benefits of cannabis with absolutely zero psychoactive effects (CBD doesn’t get you high)
Delicious and healthy, fueled by healthy fats and extremely low sugar levels
9 grams of protein per bar!
  •  All the benefits of cannabis with absolutely zero psychoactive effects (CBD doesn’t get you high)
  •  Delicious and healthy, fuelled by healthy fats and extremely low sugar levels
  •  9 grams of protein per bar!
Legalization + CBD in Canada
Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD and THC in edible products, right? Unfortunately, not so much. While I think it’s amazing that the government has taken steps to legalize cannabis in Canada, I find it a little ridiculous that edible products cannot yet be retailed. HOWEVER, it won’t be long until they work out the finer details and CBD products, like Grounded CBD bars, will be available to the public.  

  •  Join the #getgrounded community and receive access to a wealth of knowledge relating to CBD, natural healing, meditation, nutrition and living a more balanced life
  • Learn the important details of legalization, especially what is legal and what is not right now
  • Receive a special, early-bird discount on your first order of Grounded CBD bars once we are given the go-ahead to ship!
CBD Radio With Dave Weale
On CBD Radio, David James Weale brings you inspiring conversations to help you understand and harness the power of your own mind.  His mission is to do his part to dissolve the stigma around cannabis and CBD and help bring its many other benefits into the light.  An interview-based podcast diving into discussions about cannabis, sex, fear, performance, truth, spirituality, mindfulness and other interesting topics facing society today
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