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GROUNDED CBD helps you take in the moment, relax and #getGROUNDED.



The Grounded CBD Story

Grounded CBD has been on a mission to help people get grounded for years. From our humble beginnings in a small, cramped warehouse in North Vancouver, we took orders for the original Grind Bar from anyone who wanted a box. From there, people started to notice that our bars tasted pretty great, and those people came back for more and told their friends, those friends told their friends and well, here we are. Now Grounded CBD, we have six amazing bar flavours, tinctures and creams.

Our mission is to create products to help people become extraordinary by getting grounded.

Read our whole story by clicking the link below.


What's In Our Stuff?

Glad you asked. We're passionate about our ingredients, we're pretty obsessed with what goes into our product because we care about what goes into and on your body and we think you should, too.



  • We use only the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on!
  • Almost everything is certified organic. (unless we can’t source it organically)
  • No fillers or refined sugar.
  • High antioxidant ingredients.
  • Everything we use is selected to help you feel your best!
  • All of our CBD is from organically grown hemp, and is a full spectrum extract, which means you get all the good stuff nature intended you to get in there



All Grounded CBD products are made in small batches by hand right here in Vancouver, BC. Our food grade commercial kitchen is the place where our team members are constantly creating new and delicious products for you to try out and where all our products are made. We believe in a happy, healthy work force so all our employees are paid above market rates and given great benefits because we truly believe that happy people make great products.




We love the ketogenic diet here at Grounded CBD. There's a lot of buzz right now around Keto and everyone seems to be giving it a try, so let's clear up some of the questions around the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is a way of eating that is extremely low in carbohydrates and refined sugars. Over the course of a few days, your body will slowly convert from burning sugar as it's main source of fuel to burning fat and enter a state called ketosis. Some pretty amazing things happen when you enter into ketosis, you have much less inflammation throughout your body, you have more consistent energy, less cravings and your body will naturally burn it's stored fat helping you to lose weight. Some other benefits include things like a brighter, clearer complexion and many people on the ketogenic diet have reported they feel increased mental clarity when on the diet. Our ketogenic bars are fully compliant with the requirements of the diet containing less than 2g of sugar per bar and are high in healthy fats. The best part? They taste nearly identical to the original bars you fell in love with. Check out the keto bars below.